The core paradigm shift of enlightenment

The core paradigm shift is from thinking that you are inside your body, to the felt knowing that your body is inside of you.

… and that enlightenment is not personal.

This shift of perception is the truth that lies behind the old teaching story of “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment chop wood, carry water”.

Such a radical shift of identity implicitly implies that you are not your body. How could you be, when your body is inside of you?

From this primary shift it is a natural progression to knowing that the entire universe exists within you (as Consciousness Itself). This is no big deal. It’s natural and just the way it is.

Sri Ramana Maharshi is quoted as saying that “Enlightenment is knowing that you are not your body”. But how to come to this knowing?


I suggest beginning by first relaxing and resting your attention into the “feeling of Being”, which many people first notice as if it lives behind their eyes. Start from here.

Then allow that feeling awareness to expand to encompass your head, your arms and hands, torso, legs and feet.

Simply allow your whole body to be included within this feeling awareness.

Then rinse and repeat … frequently.


There is nothing for you to “do” except get out of the way, to make a conscious choice to release your prisoner (your own beautiful and powerful Self) from a self-imposed lockdown in the prison of your own imagination.

Of course you must first accept response-ability for being the jailer of your Self. You must accept response-ability for having incarcerated and locked down the very Being whom you most yearn to be.

When you get out of the way (i.e. surrender your search for the beautiful, immensely powerful, free Being you already and always are) you allow your Self to do what your Self knows what to do in the best interests of your human person and all life.


Jesus is quoted as saying. “I of myself have no power; only the father within has the power to do the work”

You have been the prisoner incarcerated in a prison cell of your own imagination.

You are the father.

You are already and always free, here and now.

You are the One …

All that has to happen for these words to become the living reality of your life is for you to wake up and realise this wonderfully liberating truth.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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