James Twyman – best selling author of The Moses Code and peace troubadour – says

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James Twyman

“This book has a wonderfully refreshing approach that makes living free of suffering a real possibility for everyone. Using simple yet precise language and an easy-to-read style, Leo guides us into unveiling the peace living within us as our very essence – literally who and what we are.”


The Barefoot Doctor – best selling author and Taoist spiritual teacher, says:

The Barefoot Doctor
The Barefoot Doctor

“I love this book. It stands alone as a succinct exposition of the transcendental approach to being present in the Here and Now, with the emphasis on Being rather than doing.

“Being in the Now is an elusive skill and explaining how to attain it even more so. Leo has done a masterful job of it here, while managing to give of himself fully from the Heart in threading his own story into the narrative.

“Reading it, you feel you’re with a great friend as well as great teacher and I recommend it highly.”


William Bloom – leading UK spiritual teacher and author of numerous books on spirituality and holistic well-being – says

William Bloom
William Bloom

“Based in authentic personal experience of what works, Leo shares useful exercises and strategies that will help people on their path of personal transformation.”


Miranda MacPherson (formerly Holden) – founder of the London Interfaith Seminary and author of Boundless Love – says

Miranda MacPherson
Miranda MacPherson

“Break Out of Your Mind! is an absolute gem. It articulates the timeless wisdom of non-dual spiritual teachings in a personal and accessible way that is deeply relevant to the challenges of everyday life.

“With a great down-to-earth style full of practical exercises gleaned from both his own depth of self-inquiry and years of working with people to help loosen suffering, Leo brings the reader deeper into the stillness of Being. Read it and reap!”


Saniel Bonder – co-creator of HEARTgazing™, and author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality – says

Saniel Bonder
Saniel Bonder

“If you want practical access to the Now, transcendence of limiting mind, and deep serenity in daily life, Leo’s book is a superb resource.

“His explanations of our nature are down to earth and accessible. He gives you lots of inquiry exercises that are ingenious in their simplicity and effect. Yet what impresses me most is how effortlessly the book conveys the author’s compassion – and his confidence in You.

“Reading Leo’s book is like sitting side by side with a very wise friend who cares deeply for you – and really can help you – if you’ll listen well, feel into what he’s saying, and really do the powerfully practical work he offers.”


Dr Mark Atkinson – medical doctor and author of True Happiness – says

Dr Mark Atkinson
Dr Mark Atkinson

“Leo Hawkins work is at the leading edge of the shift in consciousness that is emerging through the human species right now. I encourage you to open your heart and head to his writings and to allow your soul to be moved. Unconditional freedom is patiently and lovingly waiting for you.”


Mark Silver – author of Unveiling the Heart of Your Business and master teacher in the Shaddhilliyya Sufi Tariqa – says

Mark Silver
Mark Silver

“Leo dives into necessary yet difficult topics of spiritual development, and their application to the real world, with an ease and comfort that makes it all very accessible.

“The teachings he explains are echoed nearly exactly in my own lineage, and in other spiritual paths I’ve studied, so this tells me that he isn’t making this up, that the teachings are real, solid, and tested over, literally, thousands of years with countless students.

“And, far from being a dusty esoteric text, his writing and explanations are completely accessible. I have a great confidence that any spiritual student, whether a novice or someone more experienced, would gain a lot from working with his book. I personally was reminded of many teachings that created a deep sense of peace and relaxation throughout my body and heart. I have a deep gratitude that his writing could do that for me.

“This is the most important part of the book – the transmission. All spiritual paths I’ve studied deal with the experience of what is sometimes called ‘transmission’ – when an experience of a deeper state of Grace is given directly to the student. Leo’s book carries a transmission that can carry the student through into real breakthroughs.”


Pamela Wilson – international spiritual teacher and author, featured in numerous books – says

Pamela Wilson
Pamela Wilson

“Leo has returned to his natural dignity, compassion, and clear seeing. He has a passion for inquiry and thus the joy of liberating the body and mind from the past and all misunderstandings. Join him on an inner tour and reacquaint yourSelf with your unbounded and unlimited naturalness!”


Lara Owen – author of Her Blood is Gold and Growing Your Inner Light – says

Lara Owen
Lara Owen

“This is a great workbook for guiding the reader out of the habitual behavioural and mental patterns that perpetuate misery, and into living a more authentic, enriched life.

“We can get so locked into ways of perceiving and acting that we don’t even realize how miserable we are making ourselves, or know how to change these habits, and thus our lives.

“Leo holds your hand and leads the way in clear, everyday language free of jargon, with exercises that are straightforward and based on his own deep experience.”


Sundance Burke – international speaker and author of Free Spirit – says

Sundance Burke
Sundance Burke

“Over the years, I have read countless books offering the promise of Self-discovery or the unshakeable realization of one’s unconditional love, peace and joy. Leo’s offering is a wonderful contribution to that promise.

“Besides being well written, well organized and accessible to the mainstream of humanity, Break Out Of Your Mind! contains the energy of a loving wisdom that if contemplated fully is sure to enhance every reader’s experience of being alive.

“If you are tired of your story, give Leo a chance to help you discover the radiant Being that you truly are. A true answer requires a true question and Break Out Of Your Mind! is filled with inquiries that can liberate your mind here.” and now.”


Katie Davis – spiritual teacher and author of Awake Joy – says

Katie Davis
Katie Davis

“If you enjoy the intelligent and pragmatic teachings of Eckhart Tolle, you will love Break Out of Your Mind!

“In the same heartfelt manner, Leo Hawkins skillfully guides you to the endless source that makes all things possible. The author also offers helpful inquires throughout the book, so that you are able to directly perceive the possibility of true freedom from negative thoughts and painful emotions here and now.

“Break Out of Your Mind! is a pathway to true and lasting fulfillment. Rather than mentally trying and doing, Leo shares that it is through your natural and ever-present awareness that you realize your true and inherent happiness. When you wake up from the “mind matrix” and realize that you are in fact the Now, your life situation effortlessly transforms into harmony and peace.

“I love this book and highly recommend it.”


 Nick Williams – author of eight books including The Work We Were Born To Do – says

Nick Williams“It takes awareness and courage to challenge your thinking and the stories that you tell yourself, but the benefits are much greater happiness and peace. Leo has done a great job of showing you how to break out of your conditioned thinking and into freedom.

“I love this book and highly recommend it.”



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