Break Out of Your Mind


Only when awareness is not pre-occupied with the thought “I am the body” can the power of thought become highly effective. To “break out of your mind” is, paradoxically, to allow the full power of mind to serve you. It is the birth of true creative intelligence …

Break Out of Your Mind!


Awareness (aka “mindfulness” or “Heartfulness”) – which is always and already present Here and Now – outshines the veils of thought and emotion that have hidden the truth of who you really are.

When approached in the simple and effortless way described in this book, every situation in your life, every problem, every challenge – even physical and emotional pain – becomes a portal to the profound clarity, emotional freedom, and unfathomable peace that lives within..

The by-products of self-discovery include:

* Clearing your mind of confusion and doubt

* Enjoying increased confidence and self-respect

* Transmuting emotional pain into calm clarity

The truth of who you really are is the person who, deep in your Heart, you yearn to be.

And he or she has been hidden from view by nothing more than thought-clouds …

So much suffering stems from our imagining a thought to be true and representative of actual reality. Fortunately we can break out of our imaginary “prison” of limited thinking by asking, fundamentally, “Is that true?”
This book points the way to freedom from all that is false and unreal. It offers a number of simple methods that will enable you to quickly break out of identification with your thoughts.
You’ll then be able to relax and rest as the living awareness that is, like the Sun, always shining prior to your thoughts.
You’ll discover a profound clarity that lives closer to you than your heartbeat, closer even than your breath.
And from this clarity you’ll be able to take control of your thinking and put yourself at the helm of your life, steering a course to the destination of your Heart’s greatest love, your greatest joy.

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The Barefoot Doctor – best selling author and Taoist spiritual teacher, says

The Barefoot Doctor
The Barefoot Doctor


I love this book. It stands alone as a succinct exposition of the transcendental approach to being present in the Here and Now, with the emphasis on Being rather than doing. “Being in the Now is an elusive skill and explaining how to attain it even more so. Leo has done a masterful job of it here, while managing to give of himself fully from the Heart in threading his own story into the narrative. “Reading it, you feel you’re with a great friend as well as great teacher and I recommend it highly.”

Miranda MacPherson (formerly Holden) – founder of the London Interfaith Seminary and author of Boundless Love – says

Miranda MacPherson
Miranda MacPherson


“Break Out of Your Mind! is an absolute gem. It articulates the timeless wisdom of non-dual spiritual teachings in a personal and accessible way that is deeply relevant to the challenges of everyday life.

“With a great down-to-earth style full of practical exercises gleaned from both his own depth of self-inquiry and years of working with people to help loosen suffering, Leo brings the reader deeper into the stillness of Being. Read it and reap!”

To live free you must make the shift from thinking you know who you are – to the feeling of being who you are …


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