We cannot imagine nothing …

“When this body had travelled around the Sun 17 times, I pondered the fact that it is impossible to imagine nothing. Now, a few more trips around that shining orb later, I marvel and stand in awe of the fact that it is impossible to imagine who and what I am …”

Whenever we attempt to imagine, or think of, “nothing” we have to form a concept of “nothing” in order to think about it.

Look at what is going on here. We may imagine that we are “thinking about nothing” but in reality we are thinking about our concept of nothing, which is “something”.

Try this for yourself. Attempt to think about nothing, even for just a few seconds. If you are like me and all the hundreds of mentoring clients who I’ve taken though this little thought experiment, you’ll find that there is always a subtle “thought of nothing”. And this thought is a “thing”, albeit a mental thing. This thought can be very subtle indeed and can easily be missed or ignored as being of no consequence.

In the years since this insight came to me, when I was 17 years old sitting on a park bench during a break from school, nothing and no-one has been able to contradict it or persuade me differently of it’s truth.


Now, the intention behind the effort to “think of nothing” is to enjoy the pure consciousness of Being, which is natural, uncaused happiness. This happiness is not a thought of any kind, not a thought of nothing and not a thought of something. Rather, this happiness is our very own Self – who and what we truly are in our essential beingness.

The reality of “no-thing” – as opposed to the mental concept of no-thing – is the blissful feeling of love-peace-happiness.

If you stop to reflect on this for a moment, isn’t love no-thing? Can you put love in a bottle? Can you truly describe it? Can you even truly think about or imagine love itself, as opposed to it’s many possible expressions?

No, real love can only be felt.

And all that is required to enjoy the blissful happiness that is real, undying love is to drop all thoughts that lie to us and tell us that we are something other than happiness itself, something other than beings whose very nature is love, tell us that we are some kind of “thing”.


Ultimately it is only our identification with our bodies that veils from us the endless happiness of our very own Beingness.

And the process of identification itself is nothing but our imagination acting upon a thought. When we imagine ourselves to be some-thing or some-body we take a thought – for example “I am my body” – and imagine (aka “believe”) ourselves to be the object of our thought.

This even applies to the thought “I am no-thing”.

So to be free from all fictitious, imaginary identification simply drop all thoughts of being a limited body and relax and rest your attention into the consciousness of being endless blissful happiness itself – here and now.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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