The Sacred Heart meditations – principles

The Sacred Heart meditations are meditations that guide you into relaxing and resting into the feeling of Being … which will bring about:

  • The fulfillment of all desire (wanting)
  • The end of poverty consciousness
  • The elimination of all thoughts of lack and limitation
  • The birth of natural abundance consciousness
  • Your awakening to who and what you truly are as perpetual blissful happiness


To use the meditations most effectively

  • Pause the whenever you want more time to feel into your experience
  • Sit with the offered principles in silence
  • Feel into your truth, as opposed to intellectualising it
  • Notice (i.e. witness, or observe) whatever experience or intuitive wisdom arises
  • Enjoy the feeling of uncaused Happiness


Please do not try to understand the principles intellectually.

That would be hard work, fruitless, achieve nothing and likely bring about a headache.

And would be absolutely zero fun.

Simply by regular, relaxed listening you will notice subtle changes of perception surfacing spontaneously during everyday life, even when you are not consciously thinking of the meditation.

Understanding will come naturally and spontaneously from your increasing awareness, unforced by intellectual mind.

It really could not be simpler …


The only real problem there ever is …

Effortlessly notice … there is awareness of your body, of your thoughts, of your personality, is, in essence, all that is required for you to break out of the prison of limited thinking mind and fly free as conscious awareness.

Simply relax and become very interested in the conscious awareness that is alive – Here and Nowprior to your body, prior to your thoughts, prior to your personality.

Then the principle that “what we give attention to grows and is who we become” comes into play.

This principle will spontaneously bring about the fulfillment of all desire, will eliminate all lack and limitation from your mind, and will give birth to true abundance consciousness and perpetual blissful happiness.

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In the spirit of loving kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins

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