Clairvoyance and manifestation – what’s the difference?

Clairvoyance is the experience of having a vision of a future event before it happens in the physical world. It is not necessarily a vision of what will happen but rather a vision of what could happen – a possibility.

But given the unconscious, programmed nature of most humans, a vision of a possible future quite often becomes a vision of a probable future.

Conscious manifestation on the other hand is our choice to feelingly assume (or believe) that one possible future is the future that we would most deeply love to materialise as events in the physical world.


When we manifest changes to the course of events that constitute our lives we are not creating something new; we are simply choosing a possibility from an infinite number of possibilities that already exist. In effect, we are breathing life into a possibility with the energy of our feeling attention.

We choose the possibility we would love to manifest by first being (in our imagination) the One who would naturally live the life in which that possibility is a physical reality. So, for example, to manifest a soulmate relationship we first imagine ourselves to be the One whom our soulmate would naturally love to be with.

From this point onwards everything happens easefully with no effort on our part and in ways that, to an outside observer, seem to be perfectly ordinary. It can seem to someone who does not understand how the power of imagination operates “behind the scenes” that the events of life would have happened anyway. And someone with clairvoyant ability could see these events as if they were a pre-destined future.


Important: It is crucial for everyone’s well-being that we do not attempt to manipulate a specific person to come into our lives because there are a myriad interconnected factors at play that we, with our limited perception, could not possibly account for. And so if we were to attempt to bring a particular person into our lives our efforts could have unforeseen negative consequences even though we may apparently get what we want.

In contrast, by simply being the person who would naturally enjoy, for example, great wealth, being in relationship with our soulmate, or being successful in our career or business, or simply being happy (in my experience the best and most fulfilling use of this principle), we are not attempting to directly influence events but are simply opening to the possibility of positive events manifesting in our lives.


Our desire to be happy is the desire that underpins all our lesser desires. Ultimately, when we practice this form of manifestation from the consciousness of prior uncaused Happiness it will no longer of absolute importance to us whether particular events occur in the physical world or not. This is because whatever happens or does not happen we will enjoy the greatest wealth and the most intimate relationship of all – the Divine Happiness of our Heart-Self.

Then we can say, like Krishna Murti, “I don’t mind what happens”, because whatever happens, or does not happen, we will be happy.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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