Self-inquiry Made Simple – Part 3

It seems to me that it’s only the illusory “doer”, or ego, that suffers. So when the notion of being the doer dissipates, through Self-inquiry, there is no-one left to suffer, which I believe is what Buddha pointed us to – the bliss of nirvana.

The principle that it is only the imaginary doer who suffers was a radical realisation when it came to me, although it appears totally obvious now.

When we allow the illusion of our being the doer to drop away, the pure I AM Consciousness that lives within us, as our mutual One Self, shines forth and does all the work of healing and clearing our minds.

Try this simple experiment

Gently focus your attention on …

  1. The various parts of your body – your head, arms, torso and legs.
  2. Thoughts of past and future (notice that there are no thoughts in Now Consciousness, in this present moment).
  3. Whatever emotion you are feeling, noticing where you feel that in your body.
  4. The intangible feeling-sense of I AM Consciousness, the feeling of Being.

Notice that attention is free to focus on whatever you choose to focus it on.

Now try this short “What am I?” Self-inquiry process

The sense of being, of identifying ourselves with, the doer is the root of stress and suffering.

What am I? is a powerful and useful question because it breaks up identification with  the physicality of our bodies, with the hypnotic illusion of being the doer.

So …

  • Simply notice what is happening in your life.
  • Place one or both hands on the middle of your chest, on your Heart-centre
  • Ask yourself, “Who is the doer of what is happening?”
  • Obviously, “I am”.
  • And ask yourself, “What am I?”
  • Feel the silent feeling of being that will spontaneously arise into awareness.

When you inquire with a sincere intention to know the truth, the truth itself will free you from suffering … forever …

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