Self-Inquiry Made Simple – Part 2

Self-inquiry first guides us to know who and what we truly are as pure I AM Consciousness, the silence of our mutual One Heart.

When we devote ourselves to living from this Consciousness our lives unfold spontaneously, easefully and effortlessly in ways that are in the best interests of everyone and all life.

The truth is that we, all of us, are alive as timeless Being before, during and after the life of our physical bodies. And, as you are reading this, my bet is that now the silence of our mutual Heart essence (aka unconditional love) is calling you home.

Through the simple and practical method of Self-inquiry you can discover the joy, peace, love and freedom that lives deep within – as the immortal Divine essence of who and what we truly are.

The story of “Me”

At the age of 18 I was blessed to awaken to the living reality of who and what we really are as pure I AM Consciousness, whose nature is white light, our mutual Divine Self.

Immediately after (only a few minutes after) this awakening I spontaneously asked my mum who she really was.

By this point we were eating our family Sunday dinner consisting of roast beef and Yorkshire Pud. It couldn’t have been a more ordinary situation. But her response stayed with me and now finds form in this little process. Her answer was, simply, “Me”.

Conscious Love

A simple Self-inquiry process

  • Notice how your thoughts spontaneously emerge and dissipate.
  • Ask yourself, “To whom do these thoughts come?”
  • Obviously, “to me”.
  • Now, as best you can, feel the feeling of being “Me” fully and deeply.
  • Allow sensations to come … and to go.
  • Allow emotions to come … and to go.
  • Allow thoughts to come … and to go.
  • As best you can, continue feeling the feeling of being Me fully and deeply.
  • Notice how every-thing – every experience – comes and goes … and how the feeling of being Me remains constant and unaffected.
  • Continue feeling the feeling of being Me fully and deeply.
  • If distracting thoughts arise, simply ask yourself, “To whom do these thoughts come?”
  • Obviously, “to me”.
  • Now, feel the feeling of being Me as fully and deeply as you can – gently relax and rest attention into the silent feeling of being Me.

Notice that the feeling of “me” does not change. Notice that from the feeling of being Me, there is clarity that you are not your body-mind. And … that it is not possible to separate the feeling of being Me from your body-mind, except by thinking it to be separate. It’s like we cannot separate the colour blue from the sky.

This apparent paradox cannot be understood by mind. To mind it will remain an eternal mystery … Only from I AM Consciousness – the feeling of Being – does clarity emerge.

Conscious Love

Simply notice any thoughts that arise and go through the same process of inquiry until doubts as to who and what you truly are no longer arise. At this point you will simply be silently feeling the feeling of Being who and what you really are.

Btw: The feeling of Being and the silence of the Heart are descriptions of the same nameless Consciousness that is the living essence of who and what we all are, our mutual One Self.

Five principles of Self-inquiry

  1. Inquiry is a Heart-centred practice, not a process of intellectual analysis.
  2. The core principle that underpins all the questions of Self-inquiry is that of asking ourselves, “What is the truth?”
  3. The truth will make you free.
  4. Pause after posing a Self-inquiry question to allow plenty of time for the truth to emerge from the silence of your Heart.
  5. Frequently pause, breathe, and enjoy feeling the feeling of Being.

Conscious Love

Through the process of Self-inquiry your mind will eventually will give up all efforts to understand who and what you are. Effectively your mind will say, “I don’t know. I cannot answer these questions!”

Now … what is required from you is to give your sustained single-pointed attention to the feeling-sense of I AM, the Being who lives prior to all body sensations, all emotions and all thoughts.

Eventually the only thought that will remain will be “I … I … I … I …” reverberating like an echo – and, like an echo, it will gradually fade away into silence …

Conscious Love

At this point, at the birth of humility, the veils of mind having been lifted, the silent I AM Consciousness effortlessly reveals itself as the Divine truth of who and what we really are.

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