Self-Inquiry Made Simple – Part 4

The core of Self-inquiry, the most fundamental principle, is that of asking ourselves, “What is the truth?”

The second question of inquiry is “What is the truth of who and what I AM?”

Self-inquiry is a phenomenally powerful practice, and yet is so simple it tends to pass most people by. We humans seem to gravitate towards the complex while sidelining the simple …Conscious Love

To inquire into the truth of who and what we really are is the way of liberation, the unveiling of the freedom the great masters have pointed us to for thousands of years. It is a freedom that is priceless, of which all the riches of this world could not buy so much as a single atom.

When we inquire, with a sincere and devoted love of truth for truth’s sake and not for what we think we will get or gain, we find that what we really, deeply love may not be what we first thought we wanted …

Discovering the beauty and power that lives within

For the purposes of understanding, we could think of there being five stages to the development of Self-inquiry in an individual.

First stage: The power of inquiry begins to break up the rigid thought structures that comprise our mind-based identity.

Second stage: As appreciation of love, beauty and peace grow, the warmth of the unconditional Love that inquiry unveils begins to melt the remaining frozen thought waves of conditioned mind.

Third stage: The linguistic questions of inquiry begin to drop away, replaced by simply feeling of the beauty and power of “I AM”. We begin to feel awe and wonder when we contemplate the inexplicable, magnificent reality of the Being we are.

Fourth stage: Remaining thoughts of separation drop away – together with any remaining identification with the human body-mind-personality – as attention rests more and more into, and as, the sublime silence of our mutual One Heart, the essence of who and what we all are.

Fifth stage: All that remains is the silence of the Heart. All notions of separation have been consumed by the fire of unconditional love. The purpose of human life is complete. We are free and there will be no more involuntary incarnations into the realms of manifest form.

Conscious Love

The degree of our devotion to Truth and Freedom determines the degree of our success with Self-inquiry. Our devotion determines whether we will awaken and live forever free from the wheel of birth and rebirth, or if we will continue to sleepwalk through life and eventually incarnate yet another bodily form.

Ultimately, inquiry unveils the unconditional, conscious intelligent love living within us all, as our true identity. And it is the power of this intelligent love, which forever frees us from the prison of identification with our body-mind-personality.

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