The following testimonials are a sample of the many I’ve received over 30 years of helping people find increasing clarity, calm and joy.

Some testimonials come from clients I worked with for a number of varying issues. Others come from readers of my book Break Out of Your Mind who felt moved to share their appreciation. And others come from participants in the many workshops, courses and retreats I’ve run over the years.



“Just a note to express my deepest thanks at the profound, yet beautifully simple and powerful insights I’ve gained having now fully read and digested your book, Break out of Your Mind!

“It is now covered in marker pen, highlighting so many things that resonated. I simply couldn’t stop myself going through it, over and over again, even when I was supposed to be busy on other things…

“I thoroughly enjoyed your honest, soul-searched discoveries and practices, as well being able to further explore that inner stillness of Being that lives within each and every one of us.

“I definitely feel I have gained yet further insights into this spiritual practice and that it has complemented and added to the powerful resonance of being able to see the world in the present moment. Your writings have a power and truth, and make a real life-changing difference to anyone who is fortunate enough to discover this real gem.”

Peter Mann, NLP trainer and home publisher

“When I first was introduced to Leo he told me that I had to make a choice. I could choose the hard path, which is to practice self-inquiry and be liberated from the mind prison of identification with limiting thoughts. Or I could choose the much harder path, which is to do nothing and thus continue to suffer.

“So began my practice of self-inquiry. I’ve read Leo’s book many times and from his guidance have discovered within me a profound inner peace.

“I’m still presented with challenges; but the power of this present moment, realised through working with Leo, guides me safely through them.

“I am grateful to have had Leo as my mentor and his support over the years has been a great blessing. He embodies love and compassion, speaks from present moment awareness, and shares the beautiful simplicity of truth.

“I encourage anyone who feels a calling to begin their journey of self-discovery – of the “peace that passeth all understanding” – by ordering Leo’s book “Break Out of Your Mind”.

“From this easy to read how-to guide you’ll learn the surprisingly simple principles that will enable you to enjoy profound happiness and perpetual peace.”

Richard Hobbs, author and solutions-focused coach

“I’ve been associated with Leo Hawkins for a period of approximately five years in my capacity of consultant and trainer with the Brunel Training Group. During courses of training for the UK Ministry of Defence that we’ve shared together his workshop skills have been received with great appreciation.

“Personally it is always a pleasure to work with Leo, who is totally professional in all aspects of his course delivery. His interpersonal skills are particularly well honed, which I am sure stems from his background as a healer and therapist, as it always appears that he is not phased by any unusual request or question.

“Leo’s depth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects is a particular strength which he uses to great advantage in leading courses, coaching delegates, and sharing in conversation with course delegates during and after formal sessions.

“It is therefore a great pleasure and an honour to recommend this extremely versatile trainer and mentor who gives 100% to every task he undertakes.”

John Seward, Brunel Training Group

“Leo has a rare ability to connect on a soul level. I’ve never met anyone with such a deep soul ability. He listens from the Heartspace, not his mind, and is a gift to the world … an angel on the planet. Very few people have his gift.”

Sally Francis, biologist and intuitive coach

“The last session was fantastic! Answered so much and has given me the know-how for any situation that may arise. Your detailed explanation of awareness and how to allow whatever comes up is invaluable! I’ve started to be aware of things in a much more relaxed manner and I’m finding there are far less questions arising as a result.  All in all, things are good. It’s so beautiful noticing there is never any tension in awareness, it just is – instantly whatever was concerning me seems like nothing!”


“There is something magical about your book and the way you teach. You have done what few other practitioners seem to be able to do – you’ve developed a practical system to help understand and move through what I take to be a non-intellectual process. It’s brilliant.

There are very few books that have given me the immense feeling of hope and excitement that total transformation is not only possible – but graspable NOW using this information.

“I have done some of the exercises in your book and listened to some of the meditations and felt a shift and an awakening with each one. In truth I have had such feelings in my life prior to this but they have usually been spontaneous with no action taken on my part toward that aim that I’m aware of.

As you say, transformation is about “being” rather than “doing” and I feel each of your exercises puts me in a place where I am more receptive, more open to change and realisation and much clearer about how to approach things.”

Rob Plevin (www.theliferaft.org)

“Working with Leo was easy and enjoyable. He respected my views and opinions while also questioning and exploring in a non-threatening way when needed.”

Paul Baker, sustainable business consultant

“Leo encouraged me to face and deal with my fears. Our sessions were relaxed and sprinkled with humour (fears are ridiculous things) but he didn’t let me off the hook in dealing with issues I need to look at.

“Leo uses techniques designed to reinforce the learning between sessions. Each time I reflect on my journey, I am truly surprised at the achievements I have made. His empathetic style means that I feel that he genuinely shares my successes and this also contributes to boosting my confidence.”

Claire Coldwell, Ad Astra Career Management Consultants

“Leo’s workshops are fun, creative, challenging and very well organised. As a leader and facilitator he shows remarkable creativity, warmth, and sensitivity. He provides a safe yet magical space to explore a large range of issues.”

Nicola Belle, psychotherapist and counsellor

“Leo is resourceful and innovative. He is also a warm, sensitive, and integrated man.”

Sarasi Rodgers, therapist and yoga teacher

I highly recommend working Leo, he has a beautiful ability to listen from heartspace and offer truths as and when you are ready. If you want to receive wisdom spoken through Leo definitely arrange a series of sessions. You won’t be disappointed.

Richard Hobbs, author and solutions-focused coach

“Thank you so much for the past few months and the changes you’ve led me to. I feel my perspective has permanently and completely changed.”

Ness L Airth

“I had gotten myself into a bit of a rut. But after reading Leo’s book I felt lifted and inspired to get on with life.

“The way Leo combines ancient spirituality and modern psychology is quite astounding. I cannot recommend his work highly enough.”

Eileen Keating

“Your book gives clear, step-by-step information about Self Inquiry.

“It’s the way you explain about feeling my response in the present moment that really helped me. I find I can gradually open up by reading and practicing the exercises.

“I believe that everyone who reads your book will get something from it.”

Roberta Amos, classical musician

“I can honestly say that the mentoring session with you was light years ahead of all the mentoring and coaching I have had up to now. I think I am more or less the same willing person, so I’m attributing this to your skills and experience, as well as the relaxed mentoring relationship we have.”

Karen Scott, management trainer and executive coach

“Leo’s mentoring has helped and encouraged me to incorporate things, that I had some previous knowledge of, into my life on a regular basis, e.g. meditation, dream board, offering gratitude and appreciation.

“The simplicity of Leo’s teaching is very powerful and hugely beneficial. The way in which he intuitively guides the sessions is inspirational – and has given me great confidence in the way in which I am able to offer my own mentoring.

“I find myself calmer, more peaceful and better able to be kind to myself than at any other time in my life – enabling me to express this calmness in my outer experience with family, friends, and clients.

“What has been a particular benefit for me is the combination of the meditation and visualisation alongside the mentoring – i.e. having the same person involved with all aspects of my personal and professional development.”

Rosie Withey, life coach and natural horse-riding instructor

”I went to Leo harbouring negative thoughts, lacking in confidence and full of self-judgement. In his relaxed and caring manner, Leo showed me how to dissipate these beliefs – allowing confidence, positive thoughts and above all happiness to prevail in my life.”

Graham, manager

“It’s a pleasure to be in the client role with Leo. He has great experience, training and wisdom and works in a wonderfully intuitive style. I love the way he beautifully draws together strands from different disciplines and produces a highly effective custom-built approach to guide you to a more resourceful place.

“At times of crisis he has helped me enormously. I always leave these conversations feeling ‘OK’ about myself. And he’s not just there for the bad times. He has helped me see all sorts of things more clearly, so I have more choice in what I do and how I do it. I have also learned a lot from Leo that I am able to use in my own work with clients.”

Sue Lickorish, executive coach and training consultant

“I have a new found ability to experience stillness and to enjoy the conscious presence of Being, which is mysteriously transforming my life in subtle yet unmistakable ways.”

Hugh King

“Leo surpassed all my expectations and gave me the key to a more peaceful life.”

Mike McCandless, director of Freedom CamperVans

“Thank you for introducing me to a new way of looking at myself and my world.”

Donna Michell

“I am particularly impressed with the calm and straightforward way in which Leo deals with challenging situations. He never appears phased, unable or unwilling to work with an individual who has just come face-to-face with some emotional block.

“Leo demonstrates confidence in what he teaches, having obviously given the methods a thorough testing for himself, before expecting others to adopt them.”

Paul Masri, web architect & applications developer

“Thank you Leo. I now feel more confident to stand up and go forward. I enjoyed every minute and would recommend you to anyone.”

Andrena Forrest

“I feel more calm, peaceful, and less stressed.”

Emma Morley

“I want to acknowledge Leo’s natural ability to put people at ease. I find his approach provides a safe structure to explore the challenges and benefits of personal change.”

Anna Dalton, trainer with John Seymour Associates

“Leo listened carefully to me and showed his deep understanding of what it was I wanted to express. He conveyed great empathy and gave me much support. I really appreciate his contribution to my work.”

Carrie Rose, Counsellor, writer, and workshop facilitator

“A valuable course for anyone wishing to develop self-confidence – be prepared to challenge your beliefs!”

Liz Whitmarsh

“I’ve known Leo since the early 90’s when we were on the same two-year training course. Since then we have shared time together during more training courses (even over to the USA), peer supervision, mutual support, and as good friends.

“I have also attended workshops he has held and his wide range of skills and experience are very evident.

“What is more to the point his workshops are enjoyable and effective because his training has covered such a wide spectrum, and his approach is sensitive, open, and friendly.

“I’m glad I know him.”

Chris Altree, hypnotherapist




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