Professional Experience

Consultant, Coach and Mentor

1991 – 2020

I guided clients to discover who and what they truly are, releasing all thoughts of limitation, letting go of painful emotions, being the person they would love to be and manifesting the life they would love to live.

Marketing Director of Benz Softwash Ltd

2015 – Present

Together with my son, Ben, we created a 6-figure business within 2 years. Benz Softwash Ltd is a business-to-business enterprise selling quality cleaning products primarily to trade customers. Click here to learn more.


First published: 2016

Published by Benz Softwash Ltd, this is the only known book in the world that details the practical how-to of softwashing wall render and other external hard surfaces. Click here to learn more.

Author of “Break Out of Your Mind”

First published: 2007

I wrote Break Ouf of Your Mind following a pivotal life event. It’s a project that entailed 10 years of initial research and development, then a further

The book offers a simple, yet profoundly powerful and practical, approach to an advanced form of the ancient spiritual practice of self-inquiry.

Retreat Leader on ‪Lanzarote and Austrian Retreats‬

2008 – 2010

I designed and delivered three residential retreats for students of my book, “Break Out of Your Mind” – two for 5 days, the other for 7 days.

Team Communications Trainer for ‪Hewlett-Packard‬


I designed and delivered an innovative team-building event for an engineering team working in-house at the Hewlett-Packard plant in Bristol, UK.

Communications Skills & Stress Reduction Trainer for the ‪UK Ministry of Defence‬

1996 – 2005

I delivered hundreds of communication skills and stress management workshops to civilian and uniformed staff at scores of hotels and military bases across England and Wales.

Business writing trainer for the ‪Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)‬

2003 – 2004

I ran a number of business writing workshops for staff of the DVLA Swansea.

Communications and stress management mentor for ‪The Environment Agency‬

2000 – 2004

I worked with management and staff of The Environment Agency who were struggling with stress and other management and team challenges.

Training consultant for ‪The Meteorological Office‬


I designed and delivered executive coaching training for management staff at the UK Meteorological Office.

Hypnotherapist & counsellor

1991 – 1996

I worked with individual clients and ran two, 2-year hypnotherapy training courses that enabled students to gain professionally recognised qualifications in advanced hypnotherapy.

Counsellor with the ‪Samaritans‬

1990 – 1991

I trained as a Samaritan counsellor as a way of “paying forward” the good fortune that had come my way. I manned the phone lines – often through the night – and met clients in person. This was one of the most powerful life experiences I’ve ever had and the compassionate communication skills I learned continue to inform my private life and professional work to this day.

Author of “How to Succeed in Network Marketing”

First published: 1991

Published by Piatkus Books, this book was in print for 10 years. It was published in four languages and sold over 50,000 copies in hardback and paperback.

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