I AM is Happiness Itself

Nothing in this world can make you happy. No thing, no experience, no worldly success; not even the most lovingly intimate and beautiful relationship can make you happy. Only your choice to stop and simply Be, in this present moment, the silent stillness of pure awareness leads to the gradually dawning realisation of the reality … Continue reading I AM is Happiness Itself

Living free from fear

Fear manifests in several ways, from the natural life-saving fear of the consequences of stepping in front of an oncoming bus to the fear of death.    Mostly we tend to think of fear in the context of worldly events, fear of losing something or someone, fear of the consequences of our actions or inactions, … Continue reading Living free from fear

The Principles of Conscious Communication

Apply these principles and enjoy clear, conscious (mindful) communication in your professional and personal relationships. I've kept the explanations as simple as possible so you can read this post quickly and practice easily. Click the headline above to read the full post ...

A lifetime of pleasure cannot compare to a single moment of true love

A Great Love

How can a relationship weather the storms, even hurricanes, of conditioned thoughts and emotions that inevitably arise when two people come together in intimacy?

The answer in my experience is unconditional Conscious Love.

Nothing else has the power to take us through the emotional storms to the peace, joy and freedom that await us ...

Who am I to Write about Relationships?

My guess is there are a number of women in this world who would raise an eyebrow or two at the thought of me having the audacity to write about intimate relationships.

But, as Chuck Spezzano once said, "Our greatest challenge is our greatest gift" ...