The Beauty of Unconditional Love

Meditate on the beauty of unconditional love.

Allow beauty to release all unkind thoughts.

Pray that the light of beauty shine upon all.

Rest as beauty itself.

Unconditional love dissolves the illusion of relationship and the imaginary notioni that that there is anything other than the manifestation of Divinity and that there is anything other than one Being (alive as silent stillness) living the lives of every apparently separate plant, animal and human. 

A. Ramana: “There is neither ‘I’ nor ‘other than I’ – there is only …” (was taught this 18 years ago but only fully got it – in an embodied feeling way – during our communion yesterday. Divinity lives as this present moment, just after the last dot …)
Rupert Spira relationship quote attached.
Adi Da: “Not Two is Peace”. When there is “not two” there cannot be relationship, but rather only Divinity living us all, as the very essence of who we are, silently playing all the roles on this stage of life.
The Last Samurai: “The search for the perfect blossom”  (watch in sequence) > 

The first shift I notice is that the terrible pain of losing the will to live, of not wanting to live, which has haunted me every day since Jenny’s death, has gone. Simply vaporised. It went immediately after (no doubt during, but I only noticed afterwards) our communion and has not returned this morning. Seems that in the dissolution of the illusion of relationship the yearning to be with her again also dissolved.
The love that is present now is the same for everyone, something my teachers told me was so, but until our communion yesterday I was unable to get past identification with the form of Jenny. “I” didn’t want to lose that delusionary “connection” with the illusionary “other” of Jenny. 
Paradoxically, because love is no longer polluted by my wanting, when I think of her now, the love I feel, which comes as a package with immense gratitude, is clearer and stronger than ever.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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