Your personality is a psycho-biological program

Despite claims by some therapeutic disciplines such as hypnosis and NLP, mind-personality cannot reprogam itself. Mind cannot reprogram mind.

All such efforts produce at best a surface effect that is eventually undone and overwritten by the re-emergence of remaining deep programming that mind therapies cannot reach.

Only Divine Consciousness can permanently reprogam mind, our deep personality.

Ultimately this is what has been called in the ancient spiritual traditions “ego-death”. Full reprogramming requires, and is, the death of the ego-mind personality and results in the rebirth of a Divinely enlightened personality.

In reality there is no more life in an ego-mind personality than there is in a computer program. This changes upon the event of ego-death, when the old personality dies and the living spirit who animates the entire body-mind-personality breaks out of identification with the vehicle it has used to navigate around the Earth planet.

This is not so far removed from waking up from a dream in which we imagined ourselves to be the car we are driving. Upon waking from the dream it becomes simply obvious that we are not the car, our vehicle of transportation in time and space, but the driver of the vehicle.

So it is with our body-mind-personalities. They are nothing more than vehicles through which we experience this small part of the time-space universe, one dimension among many, one realm among countless others. All simultaneously existing in the same space, like the way radio and tv waves exist in the same space as tangible objects but cannot be seen with our human senses.


Humans who are identified with their ego-mind live pre-programmed lives, just like robots. They act out of pre-written scripts – dramas within which they experience the illusion of free-will and choice – and they relate to others only in terms of what they can get. “What’s in it for me?” is their life-guiding slogan.

But humans whose minds have been touched by Divine Presence begin to feel differently, begin to see life beyond the boundaries of what they can get and begin to think of what they can give, how they can contribute.

Many are unaware at first that they have been so graced. It can take years for the full recognition of how Divine Grace has touched our lives to dawn.

Often the reason for changes in our lives will be put down to other causes. But in reality it is always, only, Divine Grace that does the work of transforming of our minds, lives and destinies.

The shift of identity from thinking of ourselves as human body-mind-personalities to knowing ourselves as the timeless, immortal Divine Consciousness who was alive before the birth of the human and will be alive after the death of the human, can be too much for some to assimilate in one go.

So awakening often happens gradually, step-by-step, as we grow into the awareness of the living Truth that we really are.


Leo Searle Hawkins


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