Mindful Releasing

We practice Mindful Releasing from the assumption that who and what we are is the embodiment of unconditional love and the already and always free Consciousness of Being.

The truth is that, as Divine Consciousness, we are already free from suffering, already free from every form of bondage.

We already are the Divine Self – pure self-radiant Conscious Light – that most spiritual teachings tell us we have to attain in order to be free and happy.


Jesus taught us that “The truth will make us free“.

Free from what?

Free from enslavement to an illusory egoic identity, attachment to which brings only suffering, stress and the endless search for a freedom that we have never, in reality, lost.

What is the “truth” that Jesus pointed us to?

Simply who and what we all are as the very essence of our beingness. In our Heart-centre we find that we are Divinity Itself, we are God manifesting in human form, we are the living Truth.

And let’s be very clear here. By “God” I do not mean the imaginary God of human religions. I do not mean the conceptual God that requires our belief. And I do not mean a God who is in any way separate from who and what we are.

No, I am pointing you to REAL GOD – our mutual Divine Essence who is alive, here and now, as the very core, or root, of who we all feel ourselves to be.

At this root we are not separate from real God, not separate from each other, not separate from life herself.

And the “peace that passeth understanding” mentioned in the Bible is revealed as being our very own nature; known as being already and always so when we are released, set free, from the thought-clouds of egoic self-delusion.


Weeds in a garden must be killed down to their roots or they will inevitably regrow. And the simplest way to clear weeds from a garden is to mulch them. Deprived of water, light and nutrients they naturally wither away and die.

So it is with our “weed thoughts”. When we choose to stop feeding them with our attention – which includes attempting to get rid of them, suppress them, express them, understand them and judge them – they naturally wither away and cease to exist. They can no longer rule our lives.

In my experience only releasing clears our weed thoughts down to the roots and unveils our perpetual freedom.

Conventional meditation practices can effect a temporary change at a relatively surface level of mind. This feels good for a while, and certainly is not without benefits, but soon the deep patterns of ego-mind kick back in, our illusory egoic identity rebuilds itself, and stress and suffering return.

Releasing is the process of allowing the egoic mind patterns themselves, the very roots of egoity, the cause of all stress and suffering, to naturally and easefully fall away. Leaving us forever free.

Our destiny then unfolds in the spirit of “not my will but Thine be done“, from which our lives manifest in original and life-affirming ways that are beneficial for all.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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