Dark Personality

Your dark, subconscious personality lives outside of everyday awareness and is often called “The Shadow” – a name coined by the psychologist Carl Jung.

To be completely free from the emotions of apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger and pride that compose your dark personality, it is essential to first discover that you are not your personality – neither the “nice” personality you show to the world, nor your dark self that only you know.

This is what Jesus meant when he said, First discover the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added to you”.

When you are freed from identification with your personality (aka “ego”), all negativity, all trauma from the past, all wanting and all judgements will naturally and spontaneously release, allowing the deepening embodiment of unconditional love that is the very nature of our mutual Divine Heart-Consciousness.


Prior to this shift of identity it is actually impossible to release your deepest pain, your deepest mind-structures of egoity that hold you back from being, doing and having all that you truly love.


Because it is impossible to release that which you believe (i.e. imagine) yourself to be. You can only release that which you are aware of not being; you cannot release that that which you believe you are.

Ego-mind cannot free itself from ego-mind

A greater power is needed and that greater power is the living LIght of Divine Consciousness – aka “I AM Consciousness” – who is alive in, and as, this present moment.


Prior to this shift, when you are still trapped in the mind prison of false identity (“falsely imprisoned” we could say) it can seem that releasing your personality traits would be like losing a part of who you are, like losing an arm or a leg. And from that perspective it is quite reasonable and even sane not to want to be released and set free.

This simple, basic principle is what I believe to be keeping so many people back from enjoying a life of freedom from their past actions, freedom from their emotional history, freedom from suffering … and from enjoying greater and greater happiness, fulfillment and peace.


How to free yourself from this “I”dentity prison

Primarily by telling yourself the complete and ruthlessly honest truth about every facet of your life. As Jesus said, “The truth will make you free”.

This freedom entails allowing the most politically incorrect thoughts and emotions to come to the surface, where they can be consciously known and released. It requires you to have the courage to acknowledge – not to others but to yourself – that you have within you the potential for committing every kind act that humans have ever done and that you have the potential to commit every act of unkindness.

Within us all lies the seed potential for debased acts of ugliness and horror of every description.

Most people do nothing more than suppress their dark personality, fearing what would happen if they were to act it out, or even if others just found out what they are really thinking.

Of course some unfortunate souls do act out their shadow, committing acts that can get them sent to prison or insane asylums. In the light of the above, blessing such people in the spirit of “There but for the grace of God go I” becomes a natural act of compassion.

The reality is that only by allowing our ugly thoughts, images, and emotions to surface from the darkness of ignorance and unconsciousness and come into the clear light of truth, can we choose to set them free.

And we set them free through the power of our unconditional love – accepting our dark personality, loving it, just the way it is.

However no-one will, or even can, do this while they remain identified with their ego-mind personality.

Einstein echoed this truth when he said, “A problem cannot be resolved from the same level of consciousness from which it was created.”


I realise that right now this may seem like too big a project to take on, or too complex, or too challenging.

Fortunately I wrote the how-to book that will, if you apply yourself to practicing the teachings, guide you step-by-step into the freedom, joy and abundance that your Heart yearns for.

So if you truly, sincerely, want to live free from all limitations and come to know yourself as a being of unlimited power and creativity – with the capacity for unconditional love, perpetual peace, and for living a life of true happiness and abundant prosperity consciousness – click this link and order my book: Break Out of Your Mind – you are not who you think you are…

And if you’ve already got the latest edition of the book (recognisable by the sub-title on the front cover) study the principles again, and again, until it feels as if you were born with the knowledge.

And practice Self-inquiry and Releasing frequently – until your mind is purified, cleansed of the contamination of egoity – at which point you will enjoy perpetual peace.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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