Can we locate our “Heart-Self” in our bodies?

Sri Ramana Maharshi said that he gave the location of the Heart in the right side of the physical chest for those who were still identified with their body. He was clear that in absolute reality our mutual One-Self cannot be located, limited, or confined to a single place in the body.

He was coming from great compassion, and out of compassion for those still identified with their body gave this teaching of locating Consciousness in the right side of the chest.

Ramana gave three levels of teaching instruction

  1. He first invited his students to listen to his silent teachings.
  2. Then, for those who were not yet ready to hear the teachings of Silence he gave the practice of self-inquiry.
  3. And for those who were not yet ready or able to practice inquiry he suggested breathing practices.

He offered these practices out of compassion for those still suffering the agony of imagined separation, for those who still imagined that they were nothing more than a physical body.

The truth is that our mutual One Heart cannot be located in a physical body. It is everywhere, as everything, in and as everyone – Now.


Which brings me to the core paradigm shift of enlightenment that I wrote about in this Silent Wisdom post (and which was revealed on the summit of Arunachala, and in Ramana’s Virupaksha cave, back in early 2005).

This shift of awareness is from thinking that Consciousness is within our bodies to that of knowing that our bodies live within, and as, Consciousness itself.

This shift brings freedom from the suffering of mind identification.

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Leo Searle Hawkins

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