The choice of non-dual devotion

True devotion is choosing to rest attention into, and ultimately as, the silence of our mutual One Heart.

To live in freedom we must consciously choose to love our Heart-Self, whose nature is freedom, more than we want the pleasures of the world.


True devotion is not a conceptual thought – such as “I am devoted to God” – if that “God” is nothing more than a concept we have imagined to be true. Devotion in the context of such a thought would be pure fiction, a waking dream in which we imagine there is “I” and a “God” who is separate from “I”.

True devotion is our conscious choice to surrender our human will to Divine Will in the spirit of unconditional love for our mutual Divine One Self. Through making this choice we release our identification with our human body-mind, and all notions of being a separate self.

Then we become as the butterfly, who, released from the carcass of the caterpillar, takes flight into endless, timeless worlds that are beyond the comprehension of human consciousness.


True devotion could be called “non-dual” devotion because the Heart-Self to whom we become devoted is the very essence of who and what we are. And, unlike the imaginary God of religious belief, our Heart-Self, or I AM consciousness, is pure Reality and is never, ever separate from us in any way.

“Not-two” is Peace

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Leo Searle Hawkins

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