The Power of Naturally Harmonious Thinking

The physical world is malleable, like clay, and is not separate from pure I AM Consciousness. Therefore, when our consciousness of the world changes, so too does the world.

It is our responsibility to allow Divine I AM Consciousness to transform our thinking such that we can easefully receive the gifts of Divine Manifestation.


Our thinking and feeling must come into alignment with what is to manifest in our lives before we can be truly happy.

This is because we do not, and cannot, in and of ourselves, “manifest” anything – rather, the power to manifest changes in the world resides solely with our mutual Divine Heart-Self. All we can do is surrender to what our Heart-Self desires to manifest through us.

Our thinking-feeling must come into natural and harmonious alignment with what is Divinely destined to manifest. This has been called the principle of “Let go and let God”, or, as I like to say, “Let be and let Being”.

When our thinking-feeling is in harmony with what is to manifest, then, when the physical events occur they will feel completely natural, ordinary and everyday.

There will most likely be a feeling of “this would have happened anyway”, which may or may not be true – but the difference in the quality of our experience when we are aligned and ready, and when we are not, can be dramatic. One is joyful; the other is, well, not so joyful …

When we release all our thinking-feeling that is in any way negative, contrary to, or a limitation upon the natural manifestation of Divine Will – in the spirit of “Not my will but Thine be done” – we will come to enjoy lives of peace, freedom and happiness. It is inevitable.


The unhappy lottery winner

The classic example of the opposite, of events manifesting without thinking-feeling being attuned and ready to receive, is that of the unhappy lottery winner.

When several millions of pounds or dollars suddenly and unexpectedly comes to those whose financial thinking-feeling is still in the realm of a weekly paycheque, they often find themselves unable to cope with the consequences of winning a huge amount of money.

This is where the many stories of unhappy lottery winners come from. Not knowing how to use the money to best effect, they can lose friends, feel isolated by their new-found wealth, and so on.

If we were to get inside their minds we would find that they have stepped out of their financial “comfort zone” and into the very uncomfortable, for them, zone of huge wealth.

In our minds there is what we could call a “comfort zone thermostat”, which adjusts the events of our lives in accordance to the level we have set it to via our thinking-feeling. This inner mind thermostat works in a similar way to the thermostat on our central heating or air conditioning system.

So in the case of our lottery winner, whose financial thermostat was set at “just getting by”, when they win the lottery their inner “financial temperature” soars way past the usual setting.

This often results in stress, confusion and a desire not to have the money, which seems to our lottery winner to be the cause of their new-found problems.

Soon their inner thermostat kicks in to cool things down. And our lottery winner takes actions that result in their getting rid of their money, until their financial temperature returns to the, for them, regular thermostat setting.

Very often such people will lose all their winnings within a short time. Their lives will adjust and once again reflect the limitations of their thinking-feeling. Many winners have testified that the loss of their winnings came as a relief and that they were happier returning to their 9-5 lives.


Of course, in the light of what we are exploring, if our inner thermostat was to be adjusted by allowing Divine I AM Consciousness to transform our thinking-feeling, the event of winning the lottery could have a very happy ending … 🙂

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Leo Searle Hawkins

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Naturally Harmonious Thinking

  1. What a beautiful post. Written wish such precision, which in itself points to the simplicity of Being that the words arise from.

    Thank you for articulating this simple truth – that our Heart’s deepest longing is inseparable from the natural impulse of Life, and that when those two are aligned, our lives can flow with joy and ease.

    Liked by 1 person

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