“Me too” Enlightenment – A New Paradigm of Spirituality?

The seed idea for this article came a few days ago when I was driving to Dartmoor, a place where I would very much love to live. So love and the power of manifestation was very much present when this insight arrived.

If you’ve listened to my self-discovery meditations, and read other Silent Wisdom posts, you will know that who we assume ourselves to be is who we eventually manifest as in the outer world.

For me, assuming that who I AM is the silence of our mutual one Heart is the highest ideal I know and one that my whole life now revolves around.

This is the person I love being and the life I love living is the life lived from awakened Consciousness. By assuming this to be so, I create my person – ie Leo – as being the person I love to be, who lives the life I love to live.

This is the highest purpose of the Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation, i.e. adapting the principles of manifestation to live the truth of who and what we really are.

The surprising ordinariness of enlightenment

Knowing who and what we truly are is what has been described by the great masters as “awakening” or “enlightenment”. In actuality what many people assume to be some grand, far away state, is simply the silent Consciousness of our mutual one Heart. This silence is ever present, here and now.

Enlightened Consciousness is simply our natural Consciousness, which dawns when the thought clouds of illusion dissipate. Enlightened Consciousness is “the Now”, is pure I AM, is knowing who and what we are as timeless Being.

The humbling of ego

There is nothing in enlightenment for ego to be proud of achieving or becoming or gaining. Enlightenment is not special and is actually quite ordinary – although we could say perhaps that this ordinariness is actually quite extraordinary! 🙂

There is no such thing, no such event, as “becoming” enlightened because we are already and always enlightened Consciousness. Like the Sun hiding behind the clouds, our natural Self (aka I AM Consciousness, the feeling of Being) is already and always present, simply waiting for us to see beyond the clouds of mind.

Nothing needs to happen, and nothing does happen, for the event called awakening, or enlightenment, to be our living conscious reality.

When this day dawns we know ourselves to be exactly the same as everyone else, no separation whatever. And in our knowing of our sameness, it is spontaneously apparent that all are equal in Consciousness – including all men, all women, all children, all animals and insects, all plants, all minerals.

And in this awakening to equality, the waking nightmare of suffering ego vanishes, for the imaginary, or dreamed, existence of ego can only be sustained through the lies of separation and difference – in other words by our resistance to the reality of what is.

The political correctness of “seeking” enlightenment

It seems to be socially approved of in certain circles to be “seeking” enlightenment. But I get a very strong feeling that actually being enlightened is disapproved of for everyday folks as being strangely politically incorrect.

Perhaps there is a tendency to think that anyone saying they are enlightened must be in the grip of their ego?

This situation becomes totally illogical when we consider that only ego seeks enlightenment. Therefore everyone who is seeking enlightenment is, implicitly, attached to and identified with, egoic consciousness.

Whereas to actually be enlightened spells the end of the illusory egoic identity; the “death of ego” we could say.

And this is the reason, I believe, why social egos will attack those who say they are enlightened – ie simply awake to the truth of who and what we are as I AM Consciousness – because to admit, or confess, enlightenment is to bring about the end of egoic life, the end of identification with the body, and therefore the end of the person we have been thinking ourselves to be.

The paradigm shift from “seeking” to “releasing”

It seems to me that those of us who feel and perceive this truth could start another “Me too” movement. A movement in which we come together and agree to view ourselves, and others, as already being enlightened, already being free, timeless Consciousness.

Even if this is only at a conceptual level at first it would be a profound step into reality and would undermine the tendency to perpetuate the egoic spiritual search, which keeps us imprisoned by limiting notions such as “I am my body”.

Let’s us all admit – confess – the truth to ourselves and to each other, that we are not these bodies and already and always are:

  • I AM Consciousness – ie “the Now”
  • Timeless and immortal, free from all limitations
  • Beings of conscious light and unconditional love

… and that all we have to “do” – which is not really a doing but an allowing – is to release all the thought clouds of egoic illusion that have been veiling the truth of who and what we are from our awareness.

The “coming out” of enlightenment

This level of truth telling feels to me like a “coming out”, similar to the way gays come out and tell the world the truth about who they are.

It also feels very much like the way women are coming out of the closet of fear and admitting to the world how they have been abused.

I believe this truth, this reality, must come out into the mass consciousness so that it becomes socially acceptable to be enlightened, or at least to be living from the concept that we are already and always enlightened Being.

There are possibly millions of people around the world who are feeling this and yet are, as I have been, concerned to admit the full truth of how they see themselves, others and the world for fear of ridicule and rejection.

The paradigm shift from seeking to releasing is the first stage of this mass awakening. We need enlightenment to be as socially acceptable as being gay has become.

I believe that a mass acceptance of this paradigm shift would create the context for increasing numbers of people to become established in the living reality of awakened Consciousness.

I look forward to the day when large numbers of people come out into the open and say, “Yes, that’s right. I AM Consciousness too. I AM already and always immortal timeless Being … just like you.”

And I have a vision of others joining them and saying, “Yes, me too. I feel this truth too!”

When large numbers of people choose to come out of the closet and say “Me too” we will have a real possibility of actualising the mass awakening of humanity that our world so desperately needs.

Our very survival as a species, perhaps even the survival of all life on Earth, is at stake.

And more than our survival, what is at stake is our collective destiny to evolve as Conscious Beings. This destiny is, assuming we survive the next 50 years, going to be as far removed from my conception today of what it could be, as the fast jets we take for granted would have been to the Wright brothers back in 1903 when they made the world’s first heavier than air flight.

How many more of us are there?

I cannot help but wonder how many others are living quiet, everyday lives, and who also know and feel this truth. After all, very few people know about me. I’m just an ordinary guy who has been blessed by this awareness. There is nothing whatever special about me.

So just as I have been walking the streets and keeping quiet about the awakening that has been taking place inside me every day for many years, how many others are there out there who feel the same way?

How many other enlightened people have been frightened to hold up their hands and say “Me too” because it hasn’t been politically correct to say that we are already and always enlightened I AM Consciousness? Or even to live from the concept of this being so?

Enlightenment is simply another word for happiness, or bliss, or peace, or freedom – the apparent lack of which fuels the continuation of the manipulative advertising industry and the ecologically destructive consumer society that it has spawned.

The statement “Yes, I AM awake as enlightened Consciousness” is a counter-egoic statement because it fundamentally undermines the spiritual search for enlightenment, which is perpetuating the apparent existence of the destructive egoic consciousness, and which itself is the root of all human suffering.

None but ourselves can free our minds

It is only our resistance to reality is that keeps the lie, the illusory mental prison, of egoity “alive”.

It is only our resistance to reality is that has perpetuated human suffering through the generations to the present day.

The spiritual search for enlightenment is, itself, the greatest obstacle to the awakened reality of enlightenment, or true and perpetual freedom, being born into our individual lives and thus into the mass consciousness of humanity.

So let us all – NOW – stop searching for enlightenment, for happiness, for peace and give ourselves permission to Be enlightened, to Be happy, to Be peace, and to live from and as this present moment.

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Leo Searle Hawkins

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