The Power of Love

In Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation, my guiding words assume that the essence of who and what we share as our mutual I AM Consciousness – i.e. unconditional love – can manifest as the person you would love to be, who lives the life you would love to live.

Ok, you say, I’m cool with that. But how do I do it?

Good question. So I thought a number of readers would value this short post outlining some practical “how-to” suggestions that can be included when listening to the recorded meditation.

I’ve positioned these suggestions as a structured sequence of steps, as I know many people like that approach.

And … always remember that the actual process of awakening and transformation will unfold in an organic way – often non-linear – way that is mysterious and magical.

Step One

Ask yourself, “What is the healing, awakening, enlightenment or other change I would most deeply love to manifest?”

Please take some time to consider the question deeply and seriously. There is no rush and the principle is for you to look within and discover the truth of what is most important for you.

Step Two

Write a brief description of the change you would love to manifest, using only positive words and a positive orientation. Write as if what you would love to happen is already a living reality that you are experiencing every day.

Quick tip: We can effect a subtle paradigm shift in our thinking by “holding the end in mind” – in other words, holding the feeling of already – in this present moment – enjoying being the person we would most deeply love to be.

Now, imagine that the change has already occurred and you are now enjoying the living reality of that change. From the consciousness of being the person who is the living incarnation of this change, what now is important to state about the quality of life that you enjoy?

Try asking yourself questions such as: What else can I do now, from the consciousness of being the person I would love to be, the person who is enjoying this change? What else about life can I enjoy now, from the consciousness of being the person I would love to be? What else can I feel now from the consciousness of being this person whom I would love to be?

A simple example phrase: “I enjoy a fully active life and am blessed by kind friends and a lovingly intimate relationship with my beloved.”

Important: Avoid writing negative statements of what you don’t want, such as “I don’t feel tired” “I don’t have a problem making friends” and “I don’t have a problem being in an intimate relationship”. And so on …

All such negative statements will direct attention to what you don’t want to manifest. And as our minds cannot think of negatives, and what we give our attention to tends to grow, these negative statements can only help bring into your life the very qualities, things and people you don’t want.

K.I.S.S. your life

In other words “Keep it Simple & Straightforward”. Trying to change everything about your life in one go is highly unlikely to succeed, and could result in your feeling dissatisfied with the Assume the Change process.

Instead, focus on one small change at a time. Enjoy noticing this change manifesting in your life in small, and perhaps larger ways, day by day. Then focus on another small change.

Gradually, over time, several small changes will add up to a huge change and you may one day look back on the memories of your life almost as if someone else had lived them, so great will be the transformation.

Quick tip: The feeling of being, our core essence, will remain the same. That never changes. What can change, if we so wish it, and it does not have to change, is the way we express the feeling of being through our human persons and the lives lived by our human persons.

Step Three

All that is required from you after crafting the sentence, which brings clarity to your intention, is to – as best you can – open to enjoying the change in whatever way it comes into your life.

Simply relax and receive over the next days, weeks and months, expending zero effort to bring about the change (any effort would only hinder the process).

Ditch any goal orientation that arises, jettison all doubts, and chuck out all self-judgments about “not being worthy” “I can’t” “This is never going to work for me” and so on, and so on …

The idea is for you to step forward in time and imagine that the change you would love to bring into your life has already happened. And then, and this is of crucial importance, feel the change as already being so.

Now, I suggest listening frequently to the Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation for a few weeks.

And notice what happens …

Conscious Love

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