Create Your Life from Love

There are a number of principles, and a fundamental paradigm shift, that set the Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation apart from other manifestation processes.

As far as I know it is unique.

So, because the process is so different, I’ve written this Silent Wisdom post to give you a context for listening to the guided Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation and to help you understand the principles.

The core principle

The list of areas of your life that the meditation may enhance include:

  • Awakening to the reality of your Divine Self-nature
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Good health and wellness
  • Financial prosperity
  • Being in loving, intimate relationship
  • Success in your career, business or sport
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional freedom
  • Physical fitness

These benefits are usually sold by the success gurus as the way to “become” happy.

The Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation, however, reverses that notion and teaches us to first be happy and at peace; then to create our lives from the consciousness of already feeling happy and being at peace.

The meditation guides your attention to harness the power usually taught for manifesting things, money and worldly success to awaken us from the collective dream of being nothing more than our mortal bodies and limited minds.

The core paradigm shift

Success in business, financial success, and all other worldly success comes as a by-product of the the Assume the Change process but is not the primary goal of the process.

Money and worldly success may well come. It’s not that I am proposing an ascetic lifestyle; just that money and success in the world are not the most important things to devote our short lives to achieving.

Money, worldly success, and let’s add approval and control, do not, in themselves, bring us happiness, freedom and peace. And they are not what Assume the Change is primarily designed for.

The essence of this paradigm shift is to harness the principles of manifestation to elicit our awakening to unconditional Love, which is the true nature of who and what we really are.

In so doing we will bring about a revolution of human consciousness that will eliminate human suffering, and will, in turn, revolutionise our collective thinking about relationships, ecology, politics, law, and how we live together in communities.

The purpose of “Your destiny is your choice”

It is simply to effect a root, or radical, shift of consciousness from thinking we know who we are to the feeling of Being who we would love to be.

We are who we feel ourselves to be. And who we feel ourselves to be, life naturally mirrors back to us through our relationships, our work and the level of joy, freedom and peace we feel.

The process can be used for

  • Creating the lifestyle and material comforts we all naturally desire while simultaneously bringing about our awakening to higher levels of awareness of who and what we really are as conscious Beings.
  • Healing ourselves, other people, other life forms and our mother Earth.
  • Bringing about the ecological shift of consciousness that our Earth so desperately needs from us, as collective humanity. It is primarily the feeling of being separate from each other, separate from other life forms, and separate from our planetary home, which has given rise to the horrors so plainly visible everywhere we look in today’s world.
  • And the very highest use of the meditation, although this is probably for the few, is to dedicate our practice entirely to bring about the incarnation of happiness, peace, freedom and well-being in the lives of all people and all life throughout all the universes and dimensions of manifest form (aka “enlightenment”).

Who and what are you really?

To live a truly successful and abundant life is to live as the person you would love to be, the person who lives the life you would love to live.

There is a profound peace, joy, freedom and happiness living within us all, as us all, which is simply waiting for us to turn our attention to it and feel it. It is a currency of immensely greater value than anything traded on the stock markets of the world.

So why would anyone settle for accepting a piece of quartz when a priceless diamond is freely offered?

Conscious Love

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