The peaceful Heart of mindfulness

Perpetual peace – the silent stillness of no-thought – cannot be found, brought about, gained or achieved through any practice or technique done by mind.

This is the dilemma brought about in some novice mindfulness practitioners by the word “mind”fulness. It is a word coined in the early 20th Century by a writer who needed a word to translate the asian words for Heart and mind into English.


Mindfulness, as the word itself suggests, points our attention to mind – which is the very source of the problem that mindfulness endeavours to alleviate. And this is why many people find mindfulness practice challenging.

Attempting to use mind to overcome the problem that is mind itself, is rather like asking a thief to dress up as a policeman to catch the thief who is none other than himself. This is clearly highly unlikely to happen.

This situation arises because in asian languages the words for Heart and mind are the same. So when we practice mindfulness we should simultaneously be practicing Heartfulness.


The reality is that perpetual peace only exists as our intimate Heart-Consciousness and can be found nowhere else.

Therefore, as the word mindfulness simply means “awareness” it is a simple matter to bring awareness to our natural Heart-feeling of peace, which already and always lies waiting for us simply to turn to it.

And then, though the principle that what we grant attention to grows and is who we become, the consciousness of peace naturally and easefully grows within us until eventually it outshines and dissipates, like early morning mist, all thoughts that gave rise to the stress and suffering that, in our deepest Heart-yearning, everyone would love to resolve.

It’s important to note that my use of the word “Heart” in this context does not refer to an emotional state, as is often thought of in our popular culture today. Rather, it points to Divine Consciousness, the silent stillness whose centre is everywhere and that is the very essence of who and what we truly are.

Our Heart is the timeless space of Now, where we come to recognise and know each other in the supreme intimacy of unconditional love.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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