What is the “Silent Wisdom” blog?

I named this blog “Silent Wisdom” in honour of the silent, unfathomable, inexplicable knowing that resides in the Heart of us all as our mutual essence.

Through personal sharing and stories I explore multiple facets of the diamond that is Heart-centred awareness.

Along the way my intention is to elaborate on the principles of living a conscious life that I wrote about in Break Out of Your Mind and have developed further in the Your Destiny is Your Choice meditation.

I explore the practical applications of the power of awareness to our individual lives, our relationships, our work and to our creative endeavours. Also, from time to time, I explore the ecological impact of our awakening consciousness.

Most people basically want seven things:

  • more time
  • more money
  • more freedom
  • more health
  • more love
  • more happiness
  • more peace

These are facets of a truly abundant life, in which Heart-centred awareness is the very essence.

Conscious Love

An important part of my intention in writing the Silent Wisdom blog is to help dismantle the conceptual borders between unconditional Love and the practical expression of that love in our human lives, work, creativity and relationships.

In my experience unconditional love is another name for pure Divine Consciousness, our mutual one Self.

From pure Consciousness emerges love for individual people, animals, the natural world and the products of human creativity.

This Consciousness is our best friend – a friend who will never desert or betray us.

Conscious Love

In my experience, the feeling that emerges upon awakening to our timeless essence, which is the truth of who and what we really are beyond body and mind, is like a perpetual feeling of being in love.

We could call this feeling awareness by many names including: joy, happiness, peace, freedom. It’s a feeling of being complete and fulfilled in and of ourselves, independently from any external cause.

Buddha called it Nirvana, which means blissful, perpetual peace and never-ending happiness.

This Silent Wisdom blog is a contribution to the birthing of pure Consciousness in our individual and collective human lives.

My hope is that my scribblings can help draw aside the veils of illusory separation and thus allow the incarnation of friendship between all humanity irrespective of gender, race, religion, or political persuasion.


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