The Power of Silence

Our ability to listen deeply to what other people say, and don’t say, is incredibly important. The skill enables us to enjoy quality personal and professional relationships.

And … there is more we can listen to.

I was walking in the forest close to my home when I stopped to listen deeply to the delightful picture-postcard stream that runs through the valley.

The following words emerged from the silence I felt when I deeply listened to the stream.

Silence is everywhere

  • In the babbling stream, in which we can hear the undercurrent of silence
  • In the wind, for the gift of silence is in its touch
  • In the song of birds, for they sing from silence
  • In our bodies, who give us the gift of their silently felt wisdom

When we simply pause, relax and listen deeply, our attention becomes enthralled by what we are listening to. And in that enthrallment we may forget to listen to our incessant thinking, thinking, thinking …

And that is how we can unveil the creative power of the silence that lives within us all.

When thought clouds dissipate, insights emerge from the silence

“I am particularly impressed with the calm and straightforward way in which Leo deals with challenging situations. He never appears phased, unable or unwilling to work with an individual who has just come face-to-face with some emotional block. He demonstrates confidence in what he teaches, having obviously given the methods a thorough testing for himself, before expecting others to adopt them.”

Paul Masri, web architect & applications developer


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